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Sitting outside the “GMA” studio, Lara Spencer thanked Teller for stopping by, to which he quipped, “I’m always up this early.” The banter continued when she pointed out the actor’s new hairdo, which he debuted last month. So, do blondes have more fun?

“So much,” he deadpanned to Spencer, further saying, “Well, you get it, as a fellow blonde.” More seriously, though, Teller revealed the dye job is actually for his role in the upcoming movie Granite Mountain, about the fallen Yarnell firefighters. He’s playing the lone survivor, and noted, “He’s got blonde hair, so I said yeah, let’s do it.”

War Dogs is also based on a true story, recounting what happened when two young guys unexpectedly became arms dealers. “These guys ended up kind of their way to the top,” Teller said, adding, “Fake it til you make it is 100 percent what these guys did.”

Of course, that ended up backfiring a bit. “It’s just insane how quickly things got kind of out of control,” Teller reflected. He also spoke about working with co-stars Jonah Hill and Bradley Cooper, and revealed he’s “still playing” the drums after his success in Whiplash.


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